Was futtern

Was futtern is web and mobile app dedicated for people, who doesn’t know what to eat at current moment. Based on their user input, like the chosen national kitchens, a collection of ingredients, and a price range, our app offers the user a range of appropiate menus. If the user likes one of the menus, it is possible to get the right cooking recipe or search for a good restaurant close by my place. The target audience for this web and mobile app were students, younger employees, and other workers on the search for new culinary delights.



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    • Adobe Air
    • Adobe Flex
    • Android Mobile Development
    • Backbone.JS
    • Balsamiq Mockups
    • Bootstrap
    • Consulting
    • CSS
    • Flash
    • HTML
    • Illustrator
    • iOS Mobile Development
    • Javascript
    • jQuery
    • Project Management
    • Prototyping
    • RequireJS
    • UX / Interaction Design
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