Artistic Human Plant Interfaces

We are living in an age with many social challenges and environmental changes. Physical limited resources and environmental effects caused by human actions are two indicators of our disturbed relationship with nature. These developments and the human fear of the consequences raised the people’s dream of green products. These new generations of products are supposed to be sustainable and eco-friendly to its environment as well as to its society.

This master thesis seizes on the green movement and investigates the developments in Human Plant Interfaces from an artistic and scientific point of view. The research reveals methods of visualizing data with plants, sensing human interactions and various approaches that enrich social life in urban environments through plants. The results and projects are described in their function, technical implementation and their impact on the society. All introduced projects propose solutions for merging technology with nature. In that relation, they also provide approaches for strengthening our relationship with plants and nature. Some of the interfaces hold educational attributes in human plant relationships and some others projects intend a more eco-friendly and independent life style.

Beyond that, this master thesis explores the interactions between the disciplines art, technology, botany, social science, urban development from a plant perspective. It summarizes emerging movements and research efforts  for declaring new fields in an on-going research in Human Plant Interfaces.


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