The iOS Version of the RVG-Assistent app.


The RVG-Assistent app is for lawyers in Germany. It enables lawyers to inform their clients instantly about their fees and the court charges based on the German attorney remuneration...
Take me places suitcase in ViennaTake me places suitcase in Berlin

Take me places

TAKE ME PLACES is an art project by Andrea Suter and Florian Weil, which plays with the notions of territory and dislocation, orientation and the loss of such. TAKE...
Plate Gaming device

The “plate” gaming device

An Arduino multiplayer gaming device with a low resolution LED screen for one to four players. The prototype is equipped with an accelerometer sensor, which enables interactions through shakes...
A Rapid Prototype of MoodumbrellaClose-up shot of the moodumbrella rapid prototyp


The “moodumbrella” project by Andrea Suter and Florian Weil is an attempt to brighten up the dark, gloomy and rainy days of northern Europe. Be aimed to design a...
Categories and overview of (multitouch) gestures

Gestures for pointing devices

A design research about gesture design for pointing devices in screen-based environments. For exploring design patterns, the analysis investigated the gesture design of five different end-user products: Desktop operating systems, mobile operating systems,...
Screenshots of two Flash Lite Apps for Radio of the future

Radio of the future

Designing and developing Flash Lite (Mobile) Apps for the Research & Development project Radio der Zukunft by the Südwestrundfunk (SWR) in Baden Baden. The prototypes were used for internal market and...