Hi Florien,
Just completed the installation and have a couple of comments. First – fantastic, without this I would not have been able to achieve the result.
Not to detract from my pleasure at the result but: ldconfig appears to require sudo. The icon on the status/task bar appears to be locked to green on black (status/task bar is white). I was hoping that I would be able to use the system headless at this stage that does not appear to be possible as the program converts keystrokes to garbage. I haven’t had a chance to try again – it’s busy syncing 50GB – could take a while as the server and client are both on Raspberry Pi 3’s.
Just woke the client and find that the icon has changed to blue but it has only completed 400MB of the 50GB.
On thinking about the above it is logical that these problems lay with the program not your work in getting it to work on the RPi.
Again, thank you for your great work.