Startscreen MeinMedizintechnologie.deCalculator Tool for the public funding procedure

/By enables an indivudalized and personalized view on the services of New features are bookmark functions and simulation tools to support the decision making procedures of medical device...
Startpage of Medizintechnologie.deA database for medical engineering players in Germany

Online platform

The online platform, launched in May 2014, addresses the non-transparency state of informaton in the medical engineering industry of Germany. A medical engineering players database empoweres users to...
Season Patterns in Linz near Volkspark at SpringSeason Patterns in Berlin Neukölln at Autumn

Season Patterns

The human perception responds positively on natural environments with many plants. Especially, during the seasons spring and autumn people are excited by the shape and colours of plants. The...
Game Controller PrototypeExplaining Game Design and Game Art

Build your own Game Art Installation

Juliane Springsguth and Florian Weil had the chance to develop a new game hacking workshop format for teenagers (Mostly 8th graders around 13-15 years old) in cooperation with the "Berufsorientierte Schulprojektwochen...
Dead Tree Drop with a notebookDead Tree Drop at Landwehrkanal in Berlin Neukölln

Dead Tree Drop

The "Dead Tree Drop" project is based on the idea of an offline filesharing network from Aram Bartholl. It adds the features of a tree in an urban environment...
Travelling Plants signTouching a Travelling Plant

Travelling Plants

The collaboration for the urban art installation “Travelling Plants” between Juliane Springsguth  and Florian Weil addresses a direct interactive relationship between plants and humans as well as between humans and...
The iOS Version of the RVG-Assistent app.


The RVG-Assistent app is for lawyers in Germany. It enables lawyers to inform their clients instantly about their fees and the court charges based on the German attorney remuneration...
Traffic light at night on Bundestrasse in GermanyFribourg in Switzerland down from the river

The dynamics of static lights

A photo collection about the relationship of long time exposure and motion blur of static light sources in urban environments. Each photos plays with the changing perception of light,...