Notes from the Homebrew Website Club #7 in Berlin

Last Wednesday, on May, 17th we met in a very small group at the Bulbul Bar in Kreuzberg.  On our HWC meeting #7, we talked a lot about the Onboarding procedure for the Indie Web. Sebastian is one of the driving forces in that direction. Solutions good be a separate interactive guide. In that context, we also discussed about a website for our meetup. On such an online platform, we could offer our newbies a good introduction. A visual appealing guide or just a flow diagramm might be already pretty useful. Sebastian has already some rough idea. I would like to recommend some nice free playgrounds for the indie web community. It is very easy to set up your own indie web playground with GitHub pages (already with https) or the maker-driven-attitude platform Glitch (which offers also free NodeJS hosting). I am really in love with the idea of Fork-n-Go! Please, check these videos how such playgrounds can be implemented and used for tinkering around (see also ManifoldJS and PWA Builder) :

However, what we will do or how our onboarding will look like. We all think that the Homebrew Website Club Brussel has done a great job with their website. It is for us a great inspiration.

Another topic was the Indie Web Camp in Düsseldorf. Sebastian told us very shortly that the camp was a success. We decided to speak less about the event, because at our next meeting we will make a big review of the indie web week in general. He gave us the link to the Video Documentation (for my inner impatient me)

We switched back to discuss the implementation of private webmentions. Sebastian has recently introduced them on his wordpress website. Even with some anonymous twitter avatar pictures. As far as I know he presented it also in Nürnberg last weekend. In our discussion, Joel mentioned problems with dead links and HTTP Error 404. In his opinion, the delete of webmention entities are not appropriate. He suggested to mark them as not valid anymore. Another problem of webmentions could be caused by URL / HTTP Redirects. Sebastian suggested an URL Rewriting rule like this “”. 

Beside of this, we also had short chats about GraphQL, Federated Machine Learning (is this decentralized approach interesting for Indie Web?!), and some free / open-source oriented mobile platforms like FDroid.

Last point of our meeting was again some interesting events / meetups in Berlin:

That’s it already from our meeting… See you next time!


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