Notes from the Homebrew Website Club #5 in Berlin

During the last meeting #4, the discussions were held around privacy issues and decentralized web topics. Some massive privacy regulation changes have happened in the US since our last meetup. Therefore, we continued our discussion about some practical ethical aspects of web development and web design. Here is a list of some introduced resources:

A smaller side topic of our meeting was the discussion about tooling and easy onboarding for Indie Web newbies. Of course everyone can set up a server or register at a webhoster.

The step after this first initialization can be still to big. The Google Creative Lab provide a nice starter package with the name Coder, which addresses teenagers, parents and newbies in the field of web design and web development. Coder is an image file that can be copied on a SD Card and started with a Raspberry Pi. A ready webserver with all the needed software makes the first coding and web design step so easy. We discussed if it possible to provide a similar experience with the indie web tools. Within the group, we ended up with the opinion that we don’t need something like this, because the webhoster Dreamhost is already working on an one-click installation of an ‘indieweb-wordpress’ image.

We also discussed the VPN Tool Streisand and figured out that is cool, but doesn’t provide an advantage from an Indie Web point of view.

Joel introduced his NodeJS get-DNS tooling and his self-hosted sharing button implementation Meddelare, which is looks like a legit alternative to the ShareThis (spying buttons)

One of the last topics were future events in Berlin or related with the spirit of the Indie Web Community

  • Indie Web Camp (13-14. Mai) in Düsseldorf
  • Indie Web Camp (20-21. May) in Nuremberg
  • Datensummit, 28 & 29 April in Berlin
  • Material , August 17th, 2017 — Reykjavík, Iceland,  Very interesting concept of interpreting the web as material
  • re:publica, 8-10 May in Berlin, The Internet Community Conference for Europe in May in Berlin.
  • NodeJS Meetup, 23 May in Berlin, With one talk about Decentralize Authentication
  • OpenTech Summit, 25 May in Potsdam ,  Good Spirit of DIY and Open Culture

Some more notes about our meetup are available at Sven’s blog. We also have a new meetup website, which makes it maybe more easy to find us.

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